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Diggity Dungeons  All That by werewolfwannabe1224 Diggity Dungeons All That :iconwerewolfwannabe1224:werewolfwannabe1224 3 2 I'm a very Emotional guy.  by werewolfwannabe1224 I'm a very Emotional guy. :iconwerewolfwannabe1224:werewolfwannabe1224 2 1 December Birthgems by werewolfwannabe1224 December Birthgems :iconwerewolfwannabe1224:werewolfwannabe1224 1 0 The Chain by werewolfwannabe1224 The Chain :iconwerewolfwannabe1224:werewolfwannabe1224 3 3 Cryo-Wolf: New and Improved by werewolfwannabe1224 Cryo-Wolf: New and Improved :iconwerewolfwannabe1224:werewolfwannabe1224 17 9
SoA: Driving on Sunshine
A bright light was stabbing at Flynn's eyelids, a dull throbbing hammering him between his eyes. As he awoke mentally, much faster than his body, he was aware that the throbbing was dying. It was slowly replaced by beautiful notes; a bubbly, vivacious melody that drifted sweetly to Flynn's ears. Whoever was singing it- Flynn could only tell it was a man's voice – was, whether they knew it or not, waking Flynn from his slumber.
Groggily, Flynn wrenched open his eyes, staring up at a shining gold ceiling, with a sunroof gazing up into cerulean blue sky. Literally, it was shining. Flynn had to squint from the rays the metal was giving off.
The plush fabric beneath him cushioned Flynn, almost making him want to return to sleep, but nevertheless, he clung to his consciousness. After a few moments of staring into the sky, appreciating the song he heard all around him, Flynn remembered: going to the Mall of America, fighting off Delilah Hayden, daughter of Hecate, and Prospero, her own h
:iconwerewolfwannabe1224:werewolfwannabe1224 1 16
Doctor 'Hoo' by werewolfwannabe1224 Doctor 'Hoo' :iconwerewolfwannabe1224:werewolfwannabe1224 11 3
SoA: Mall of Hecate Pt. 2
Flynn ran. He breathed and ran. He didn't do anything else. All that lay out before him were the silver-tinted, snowcapped trees of the forest rushing by with each stride. The cold tingled his skin, damp with frozen sweat. Each crunch of his sneakers onto the packed snow sounded rhythmically with the growls and snarls erupting behind him. He dared not look back. If he did, the hounds would get him.
He'd been chased for hours….right? As he ran, he swore he the hellhounds on his tail were chasing him all over the forest for hours beneath the dark night sky. But he didn't remember when they started.
His mind told him that he was on a hunting trip with dad, and they had gotten him first. Panic set in that dad was killed only a few hours ago by those hellhounds, and now they were coming for him.
Flynn vaulted over a nearby log and pressed himself against the ground, hiding behind the log. The three hounds galloped over the log, running into the dark forest ahead. He'd lost them, but on
:iconwerewolfwannabe1224:werewolfwannabe1224 1 7
SoA Halfoff Jeans,Shirts,Magic
Rain fell against the canvas of Flynn's tent. The steady drum of the rain was the only sound in the vast wilderness of Wisconsin. It was the cold, freezing rain of winter, where the droplets chilled in the air, on the brink of freezing into snowflakes but somehow holding back.
Thalia had set up the tent just a few hours ago, just after…that…happened. Flynn was too shaken up to set up his own. It had started raining not long after. Once the sky had rumbled a couple of times, Thalia urged that they find a spot to rest for the night.
Flynn sat in the same spot he had for the past few hours. He hadn't moved a muscle – simply stared down at his gray sleeping bag. His tent was relatively empty: to his left, his bag lay untouched. To his right, his sneakers and button-up lay drying. It wasn't a large tent. Only about one other person could fit comfortably. A lantern hung in the back corner, casting the light of a shaky flame into the tent and lifting the shadows to dance
:iconwerewolfwannabe1224:werewolfwannabe1224 1 3
Cuz Baby He's a Firework by werewolfwannabe1224 Cuz Baby He's a Firework :iconwerewolfwannabe1224:werewolfwannabe1224 5 7 SoA: The Gang's All Here by werewolfwannabe1224 SoA: The Gang's All Here :iconwerewolfwannabe1224:werewolfwannabe1224 18 9 PJatO Actaeon by werewolfwannabe1224 PJatO Actaeon :iconwerewolfwannabe1224:werewolfwannabe1224 8 5
Soa: The Hunted Hunts Back
Once night had completely fallen, and the stars above the treetops lit up the freezing night air, the demigods began to tire. "Dudes," Kale moaned, practically dragging his pack along the snow blanketed ground. "We've been walking for like, hours. I'm pretty sure we're in the next state by now! Can we sleep yet?"
Thalia, somehow, marched on indomitably. "We should keep moving for at least another hour. We lost some ground in Chicago." She glanced pointedly in Kale's direction, like it was his fault.
Flynn was somewhere in the middle. He wasn't dead tired, but his eyes were getting a little heavy. "Maybe we should stop, Thalia. We have actual tents now to sleep in. Let's put them to use."
Thalia gave them a disappointed look, but agreed. "Fine. Let's just find a good spot, then."
They walked over a nearby ridge and Flynn noticed a light in the distance, beyond the trees. "Am I hallucinating, or is that light a beacon of hope in the distance?" He said almost sarcastically, wondering if i
:iconwerewolfwannabe1224:werewolfwannabe1224 0 9
SoA: Kale's Turn
Chicago was amazing. It reminded Flynn a lot of New York: tall skyscrapers and loud noises, snow falling in the late December chill. Kale dragged them all through the city. Flynn and Thalia lagged behind. They had both felt more at home in the forest than in the city.
The only thing that kept Flynn going was the dumb smile on Kale's face. "I can't believe I'm back home!" He grinned, lost in The Windy City, "I have to show you guys everything!" Flynn didn't have the heart to tell him they were on a tight schedule as it was. He looked like a kid brought back to his favorite candy store. Flynn would pay to see that smile again and again. He felt almost ashamed and cliché to think that, so he just kept quiet, letting Kale blabber on and on. He probably said more than he had in his entire lifetime.
Kale led them all through the major city and into the suburbs on their way through town. He knew his way perfectly, though he said he didn't live downtown. His old home, as he said, was in L
:iconwerewolfwannabe1224:werewolfwannabe1224 0 10
SoA: Brotherly Hate
Flynn smelled the smoky incense of a campfire mingling with the musty smell of damp lion's fur. He managed to wrench open his eyes to find himself staring at a world turned on its side. The morning sun just rising over the mountains on the horizon set the snow alight with sparkle. Flynn moved slightly, only to feel a pair of arms tighten around him. Flynn remembered everything that happened the night before. Immediately, he felt giddy and panicked all at once. He was extremely happy that Kale had offered him a place to sleep—in his arms—but what if he woke up and immediately rejected it? Maybe he was just too tired? What was going to happen?
But, then again, did Kale's arms tighten just out of reflex? Flynn was probably just looking for something that wasn't there.
Flynn yawned and looked around. Beast was up, ears alert and most likely keeping watch for danger. When Flynn looked at him, Beast turned his gaze to meet him, but never once moved his head. "Good Morning, Flynn
:iconwerewolfwannabe1224:werewolfwannabe1224 0 2
The Temptress and Oberon by werewolfwannabe1224 The Temptress and Oberon :iconwerewolfwannabe1224:werewolfwannabe1224 8 5

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Lord Zedd HMRverse by heavenlymythicranger Lord Zedd HMRverse :iconheavenlymythicranger:heavenlymythicranger 101 2 UnMasked Sages by Ameyal UnMasked Sages :iconameyal:Ameyal 9 0 MMPR Season 2 New Rangers by heavenlymythicranger MMPR Season 2 New Rangers :iconheavenlymythicranger:heavenlymythicranger 25 6 MMPR- Ranger Civies by heavenlymythicranger MMPR- Ranger Civies :iconheavenlymythicranger:heavenlymythicranger 42 7 Galaxy Rangers by heavenlymythicranger Galaxy Rangers :iconheavenlymythicranger:heavenlymythicranger 136 6 PR: GPX Poster by TerenceTheTerrible PR: GPX Poster :iconterencetheterrible:TerenceTheTerrible 44 5 Stop, Flynn by heavenlymythicranger Stop, Flynn :iconheavenlymythicranger:heavenlymythicranger 5 9 All Aboard the Team Flynn Bus by heavenlymythicranger All Aboard the Team Flynn Bus :iconheavenlymythicranger:heavenlymythicranger 17 6 Power Rangers RPM -Sketch- by Ameyal Power Rangers RPM -Sketch- :iconameyal:Ameyal 11 8 Divine Diablo by Jagabor Divine Diablo :iconjagabor:Jagabor 3 3 Power Rangers Masked Sages by Ameyal Power Rangers Masked Sages :iconameyal:Ameyal 82 22 Beauty and a Beast by JohnSu Beauty and a Beast :iconjohnsu:JohnSu 29,201 6,093 Percy Jackson Doodles by mistfoxx Percy Jackson Doodles :iconmistfoxx:mistfoxx 943 512 My name is... by MetalLion1888 My name is... :iconmetallion1888:MetalLion1888 5 0
KH Explanation
Hello. I’m a major fan of Kingdom Hearts, and anyone who knew that should have seen this coming. ;).  After seeing many other artists on here create their own characters and story for their own Kingdom Hearts series, I decided to try it out, myself. Special thanks to werewolfwannabe1224 for arising this interest in me, and for all his helpful input.
Well, here they are. The three main protagonists for my Kingdom Hearts series! From Left to right: Kit Cloudkicker, Jagabor “Jag” Leonhart, and Nefu.  Jag is my OC, based off myself. All rights to him belong to me. Kit Cloudkicker is owned by Disney, as a part of their animated series Talespin. Nefu is also a character of Disney, appearing in the Timon and Pumbaa episode “Rafiki’s Apprentice.”
Now for their story. (Not all has been decided, yet. Certain character names may be changed, if so I state so on the descriptions of my future drawings)
Their story takes place many years after Kingdom
:iconjagabor:Jagabor 1 2
Kingdom Hearts: by Jagabor Kingdom Hearts: :iconjagabor:Jagabor 8 2


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I'm redesigning his tattoos, his backstory, the whole enchilada. I want to be able to make him a story one of these days, and I have a pretty good idea on just how I'm going to do it.


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